That Is Why They Call It Faith (Poem)

As we slowly slave our lives away,

our bodies begin to decay.

Only entertaining the wills of those who have slaved the extra day.

I wonder, I only wonder…

If at the end of the day our souls will have a place to lay,

Is wasting our lives on those wills worth the price we pay.

I wonder, I only wonder…

I guess that Is why those they call it faith.

The price we pay is the ultimate price,

Life is a game we play at the highest stakes.


(to the tempo of your desire)



True Loneliness: Dark Thoughts Below


Loneliness: sadness because one has no friends or company.

or: (of a place) the quality of being unfrequented and remote; isolation

Isn’t everyone lonely.

Even surrounded by my closest friends, closest family, and closest love ones… I have felt lonely. My entire life…

I cant ignore these simple facts. I never could. I never will. If there is a way to ignore them, I would not do it. Doing it would only make things worse. Living a life where you lie to yourself to create a world where you don’t feel loneliness… It is not a reality.

Here are the facts that consume me every day.

No one’s mind works like mine- No ones mind will ever work like another persons mind. It is completely impossible. There are no two brain’s that could possible ever be the same due to the millions of variables and complexities that make humans brains- human brains.

With that being said…. everything you perceive will be entirely different then from what someone else perceives. What you say based on the difference in your eye sight, height , vision color, position and placement, much more….. will create your own memories and experiences that are entirely unique to you. These small and subtle differences are the start to making your own experiences unique and unsharable.

No matter how hard you try, remembering these events will also never be the same or even close to how they transpired. False memories and memory alteration change memories to either protect ourselves (rosy retrospection) or too much is altered due to memory capacity (theoretical). This being said, you cant even remember an event the same way you experienced it. Is it even a memory? You’re memories are so unique and altered to you that you cant even share them with yourself correctly.

Now with all of that being said, every emotion you feel due to the experience that has transpired will never be felt by another person. At least , it will never be felt by that person the same exact way it was felt by you. Words and imagery can be used to portray that mood or feeling to someone , but no one will ever know what it felt like to feel what you felt in that exact moment. Neurotransmitters, biochemistry, hormones, all things that play a role in emotions. All things that are entirely different in people and cause differences in how people experience emotion.  All things that leave too much up to interpretation when you try to relate to people and share “experiences”.

Bonds are formed between people , but they are surface bonds. They are bonds that each person gets something different from. Even if each person claims they feel the same way, think the same way, and want the same things… how can you really know. While both might entirely intend to mean it, they both might not even comprehend fully what they mean. How can you tell what there conscious and subconscious mind whats, and how can you tell if they’re communication they’re desires to you correctly. Too much is left up too interpretation , body language, verbal, its all too vague. Peoples conscious’s are so rapidly different that no one could ever possibly relate to someone on that kind of level. Better yet , no one could possibly put exactly how they think, feel, and act into words that are easily communicated enough to not loose most essential value in the translation.


These differences all leave us lonely.  There are many more reasons then this, and if there is someone who can convince me this is wrong… without telling me the way I’m perceiving things is wrong… or “you have the wrong mindset”….would blow my mind. If you can do so, please do. I would welcome anything to change this mindset with open arms and a thank you!

We are deemed social creatures

Yet , we are entirely individual and unable to share our ideologies, emotions, thoughts, and life with others.

Some how… Completely surrounded by the ones who are supposed to make us not feel lonely… we are left with nothing but lonlinesspexels-photo-813269.jpeg.

Is it escapable?



Inductive reasoning and deductive Reasoning methods for minimizing the spectrum of truth

Inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning are two forms of logical thinking that help people make decisions and form hypothesis on what the truth is about the currently unceartain.  To understand how to fully utilize both methods of logical reasoning, we must first understand what each method is.

Deductive reasoning is a logical form of thought used to form a conclusion based on a series of facts that move from specific to general. A great example of this is ,”You also know that all apples are fruits, and a Granny Smith is an apple. Therefore, the Granny Smith has to be a fruit.”- This is a classic syllogistic example of deductive reasoning. You can easily see from the stated fact that Granny Smiths are all fruit based off the truth that all apples are fruit, and Granny Smith is an apple-therefore Granny Smiths are fruit. It is a very simple logical premise that causes you to form a correct and truthful assumption based off of previously known fact. The opposite form of logical reasoning is inductive reasoning, which will be explained below.

Inductive reasoning uses an inverted approach to reach the truth. Instead of moving from broad facts towards more specific generalizations, inductive reasoning applies specific facts to form generalizations that fit more broader ideas. An example of this would be ,”All men are mortal. Harold is a man. Therefore, Harold is mortal.” This is a famous example of inductive reasoning, and would be a valid thought process to examine… if the premises of all men being mortal was true. This form of logical thinking is the premise of many theories and hypothesis. While deductive reasoning (previously stated) is used to find truth in the facts in which a hypothesis or theory is formed. Therefore the two forms of logical thinking are used subconsciously , hand in hand, to form and legitimize theories and ideas. Now that it is understood how both logical processes work, and can work simultaneously, we will analyze how it can minimize the spectrum of truth and zero in on life’s biggest questions.

To tackle some of life biggest questions we can start with Inductive reasoning. We can form a theory or hypothesis that seems extremely likely off of small observations we know or believe to be truthful. We can then use deductive reasoning to zero in on this theory and find if the theory or hypothesis previously formed is true. We do this in many work fields such as criminal justice or research already. Imagine it like this:

Imagine a Line

Now , in the middle of that line is the truth to an un answered question.

We use inductive reasoning (or should) to get as close to the middle of the line from the left side. We then start from the other side of the line and use deductive reasoning to take small steps closer to the middle of the line (the truth). Each small generalization we make that is truthful bring us a step closer to the truth. We then use more deductive reasoning to move to more broad truthful generalizations which in turn also keeps shifting the line on the right closer to the middle. Now that we have taken inductive and deductive reasoning as far as we could with the given facts and already assumed variables, we are as close to the truth as possible. This leaves us with a small window or spectrum of opportunity left. In this window is the truth to the hypothesis or theory formed. Sometimes these methods can take you all the way to the truth, or they can leave you far from it. Either way, this is a method that can and should be used in the majority of unexplained circumstances or situations to predict the outcome. Even if we don’t zero completely in on the truth and find an absolutely true and correct answer- we can make great leaps and bounds off of minimizing the number of things we know are not the truth.

Just some food for thought. Exploring more random and insane ideas. Just letting my mind wonder on this page is amazing

Btw I don’t proof read, so I’m sorry if something doesn’t make sense and is hard to understand. Take your best guess and assume thats what I meant.



Caffeine: A Healthier Alternative to Stimulate Medication in people with ADHD/ADD

Check * at bottom for explanation

The United States currently has the highest rate of ADHD/ADD diagnosis in the world. Currently about 10% of the US population is diagnosed with some type of attention deficit disorder. To combat this problem* we prescribe stimulant medication. These medications often fall under the names: Adderall, Dexedrine, Focaline, Methlyn, Ritalin, and much more. These medications often help patients prescribed it, if they were accurately diagnosed.  These medications often come with a plethora of negative health effects and often can lead to dependance. Any drugs, while some might claim necessity, are not meant to be dumped into the human body. While some severe cases of attention deficit disorders may require this medication to improve life functions, not all do. Many people are ignorant in what options they have with ADD, and don’t fully understand the complications of what they are taking. I will give a simple solution for people diagnosed with some type of ADD, and parents to try. This can be done before medication as a healthier and safe alternative. It, in my opinion, is smarter to try the safest method to improve life functions before relying on potential dangerous drugs. The solution is caffeine.

Caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant drug that has similar biochemical effects on the brain and body that most of the previously stated medication do. This drug doesn’t come with the psychoactive components, the deep dependance issues, and long term altered biochemistry. I will give real life examples, scientific evidence, and methods of caffeine ingestion below.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in second grade. My entire scholastic journey was filled with my inattention and day dreams. I did well in school, but it was with very little effort. My mind would wander about things I actually enjoyed, which at the time, was not school. I lived like this until 10th grade. I joined the cross country team and started drinking coffee. This same year I also challenged myself to an AP* class which was a method I implemented to force myself to make a greater effort in school. This year was the year that changed my life. My GPA moved from a 2.8 to a 3.8 over the course of a year. I wasn’t sure what caused the change in my brain, it could have been the more stimulating nature of an AP course, the distance running, or the caffeine. To this day I’m not sure what the causative factor was, it could have even been the culmination of all three. Currently I am a junior in college with a 4.0 GPA. I run and drink coffee every day. The new scientific evidence has helped answer my question as to which factor was the causative factor in increasing my focus and drive for education. While exercise was already known to improve brain function, the studies on caffeine ingestion are astonishing.

While currently most of the science is based on lab rats, it is thought that the science is applicable to humans. Dr. Vanessa A. Pires Et Al. conducted a study where they used chronic caffeine therapy in mice to improve brain funtion and the results support the idea. Dr. Vanessa A. Pires Et Al. illustrates this effect when they state “Increasing evidence suggests that caffeine might represent an important therapeutic tool for the treatment of ADHD.” In other words, chronic caffeine therapy in prepubescent mice increase cognition. I think this is an amazing area of study and needs to be further explored.

This could be applied to people struggling with ADHD/ADD in combination of exercise instead of harmful medications. The drug companies do not want this information to be released. It would crash the stimulant market. There is even a simple and extremely healthy way to ingest caffeine that don’t require it through supplementation. That is coffee

Coffee has large spectrum of positive health effects. All of which are backed by science. Coffee has been shown to improve mood and focus, Increase cognitive function, decrease rate of cancer, speed up metabolism. weight loss, appetite suppression, and much more. These in combination with decreasing the negative symptoms of ADHD/ADD and improving the good symptoms of ADHD/ADD such as hyper focus and creativity are every reason people should try it before relying on medications.

When making a decision on how to decrease the negative symptoms of ADHD/ADD please weight your options. While there are people who absolutely need the strength that typical ADD medications offer, all do not. Please try exercise, caffeine, and stimulating challenges before turning to the mind altering drugs. This can avoid biochemical changes, dependance, and long term negative health consequences. Please good luck on your journey to perfect yourself and the journey to become who you are! if you have any questions I would love to give my input, I would also love to hear your opinion or criticism. They are all things that help and interest me, even if they are you tearing apart everything I write. Thank you for your time, and good luck!

*problem- it is socially deemed a problem. If you aren’t a person, society tries to make you an outcast or feel different. Well you are different, but you don’t deserve the negative connotation that comes with it. Embrace who you are, it isn’t a problem, it is a gift. If I could choose to have ADD/ADHD or not, I would choose to have it every single time without hesitation. Find what works for you and become the master of your destiny.

*AP- AP are advance placement classes. They can often earn you college credits and are relatively challenging (opinion). Wanted to explain the AP* to avoid question.

The breakthrough to success. What is your limitations.

Everyone has the potential to have a large and positive impact on society and the world. Albert Einstein once said , “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Contemporary society currently limits a large group of our population from reaching there full potential. Social norms, our educational systems, and capitalistic/materialistic incentives limit human’s ability to reach there full potential. In other words, society creates a setting where only certain people can succeed and rise to the top. This allows only a small percentage of the population to produce ideas, makes changes, and influence the world in a positive way. Ultimately limiting our nations growth and dirversity. Here is an example:

A friend of mine named billy has always been known for being “stupid”. I am no outlier, I have called him an idiot on multiple occasions. Im sure every stereotypical American friend group has there “idiot” friend. If I had a quarter for every time I insulted bill’s intelligence, I would be able to pay off Americas debt. Despite this, there are times that I have seen bill’s true gift. When I am blessed to have the chance to see it, I am left in awe. He is someone who never has had to read instructions, he intuitively can see how something should be put together. He is someone who could learn a complex topic quicker then I ever could if it required hands on focus, was stimulating, and was challenging. When he overcomes his low intelligences stemmed confidence issues, he will tell me about industriative and brilliant ideas that make me envious. The moral of this example is that billy has never had the opportunity to succeed and the chance to grow. He has remained in a stagnant state due to societies con-formative norms and our outdated/biased educational system. (industriative should be a word, it currently is not… it is now)

Our society operates in a very convergent manner. Social norms and subconscious societal rules push people to converge. This convergent is further incentivized by the fake concept of popularity and acceptance. It causes people to become similar, act in similar ways, and it strips human nature of its creativity and individualism. People like Billy, who could have been a influential member of society, will never have the opportunity to express is ideas and expand his mind. (This has no political reference of biases, I have never watched or payed attention to politics)

Besides social norms, our educational system favors a certain demographic of people. The people who don’t fit into that demographic, will develop slower and reach a point of stagnation as well. The people who excel in this setting are usually the people who move to the top and are deemed “intelligent”. This is a major problem in our educational system. It leaves people like billy and many other who don’t learn or benefit from a linear educational mechanism. The educational system is outdated and unfit for contemporary society. Change needs to happen. Change need to happen where people can be put into programs (not specialization) but educational systems where they will benefit the most based off there interest, personality type, learning style, IQ, emotional intelligence, and a plethora of other factors. These can be based off the applicable research which is currently an exploding area of exploration.

Materialistic and capitalistic incentives (money, luxury, and capital) are the primary drivers for society. Money is everyone’s ultimate concern, it takes advantage of human natures greed and exploits it for benefit. Benefit that only effects the people at the top, the wealthiest and most influential people. This is currently the biggest problem with our society . An example for how a materialistic society effects the people who live in it is like this: Think of a bottle with a thin neck which leads to the lid. In the bottle are all of us who live in the United States. Social norms and our educational systems create the neck of the bottle. wealth , influence, power, and fame are earned when you get out of the bottle. To get out of the bottle and reach gain these benefits, you must be the best at societies game. This game is to be the best at fitting social norms, succeeding in a linear and biased educational system, and earning capital. People who are also brilliant and could have an abstract and beneficial influence on society , but do not fit social norms, the educational biased learning style, will be trapped at the bottum. This is to preserve the power the people at the tops have.  This philosophy called the Rack effect is correlated with the distribution of wealth in the United States. It is also correlated with intelligence and education levels. The fact that it correlates with education level is a huge indicator that the better fit you are to succeed in America’s educational system, the further up the bottle you will get. It is a trap to keep people on the bottom and keep society ignorant. It is a huge problem and has to be realized by people for change to occur. I understand that money has an extremely important role in society, it incentives people to work hard and push there limits. On the other side, It also causes people to realize there “potential” and settle. Potential is not a real thing, it is an abstract idea created by society so that people won’t reach to get to the top of the bottle. The distribution of wealth couldn’t agree with the Rack theory any more. If social norms developed in another manner and our educational system was fit towards a different demographic, then the people currently at the top could be at the bottom. We need to find a bottle that has no neck. We need to reform society to create a world where everyone can embrace their genius and benefit society. Imagine a world where we could operate like this. It would be the next leap in human ingenuity.

Now changing these concepts and ideologies will lead to many problems and before change is done a multitude of variables have to be considered. If anyone is reading this they probably think I’m some communist or something since I’m indirectly attacking capitalist and materialistic incentives. I am not saying that we need to change, but as a society we need to make these realizations. We need to take them into consideration when we interact with people . We need to take them into consideration when we make educational reform, alter our economic models, and when we act socially in the world. Never settle. Everyone is a genius, believe in yourself, and climb the tree. Human’s are believed to originate from fish (not entirely accurate I know). If you’re currently a fish, you may one day be able to climb the tree. You just need to grow legs. Please keep these ideas in mind when the topic of social, educational, and economic reform pop up. Also this is just my opinion, I would love to hear yours wether it agrees or disagrees. None of this was meant to be offensive , but if it was , I don’t give a fuck. Thank you for your time !

First Experience With Lucid Dreaming: The Final Frontier

I always believed that lucid dreaming was overhyped by people who have experienced it or by people who were genetically gifted enough to experience it.

only till yesterday did I realize that It was a learned skill.’

I usually have multiple dreams, and am an extremely light sleeper, so my whole life have been able to reflect on dreams, go back to sleep, and wake up too a new experience. My mind is always racing at what seems faster then nuerotypical people.

Last night was the first time I had control and it was truly truly truly invigorating.

Here is how it went down….. After the story I will give my interpretation to why it happened the way it did, it is my only mechanism to rationalize the situation.

I woke up around 4 AM with having a normal dream…. I remember before I went back to bed I told myself: you will have a lucid dream, remember to control it, find yourself… then I continued normal thought processes until I fell asleep.

I remember vividly not being in control, and going through a normal dream state. The setting was the garage of my old house, it had a few mirrors and some weights. I spent a lot of my childhood in there. I remember my dad came in and I asked him if I was dreaming. He answered with what I perceived as a normal response based off my minds perceptions of what normal mannerisms of my father were. My mother even came in to back him up with the goal of convincing me that I wasn’t crazy, how could I be dreaming. They left me in the garage, and I walked over to the mirror and took off my shirt. I noticed that my tattoo along my left rib cage wasn’t there.. I darted into the house to yell for my parents and they came running down…. I looked at them and smiled and ran outside. I immediately looked to the sky and took off in flight. I flew to my good friends house around my home town, and it is insane how real your Brain can create things. The layout of my town felt as perfect as it could be while Im sure if you looked closely, many things were out of place and creations of my subconscious.

That is all I can remember….

I woke up with amazing chills and a feeling of euphoria… I felt amazing…. I never want to start another day of my life any different… how could anyone want to sleep normally after it. It contains limitless possibilities, something to make with the time we typically waste while we sleep. Worlds to explore, sensations to feel, the real final frontier.

Here is my interpretation of what happened.

It started off as a normal dream , with a natural flow and very little control if any. While my mind, freshly thinking about lucid dream started to make the connection, I took my shirt off. Once I realized my tattoo was gone, It was like I grabbed the wheel of my dream world. I was still hesitant to treat people differently , because I still wasn’t convinced I was dreaming. I am a super compassionate and empathetic person, so even treating my dream creations poorly felt wrong. As I flew around and visited my old childhood friend homes, it was just the baby steps of exploring my minds creations and subconscious.

My main confusion stands at why my parents tried to convince me this wasn’t a dream. Was this some sort of defense mechanism ??? It seems that my conscious mind and my subconscious were at a battle over if i deserve or should have control of my dreams. It seemed symbolic for my parents (guardians of my subconscious) were fighting my realization of me dreaming … the reason I don’t know why, but it is interesting that they didn’t tell me I was in a dream. Two different parts of my brain has to make different realization. (is that the definition of insane???)… When I realized that my tattoo wasn’t there , that seemed to symbolize the key, or the steering wheel of my subconscious mind. It seemed that the realization is what gave me power. After that, I could use the untapped portion of my brain to create and do as I please and feel it more then ever…When your conscious can start to control, and manipulate your subconscious powers or imagery, sensation, and creation… your possibilities in the dream world and in the waking world seem to be endless…..pexels-photo-346885.jpeg

I cant wait for tomorrow night’s journey.